Great question! Yes, it would! At Midlothian Basketball League, we are not looking for volunteer coaches that are basketball geniuses. We arent looking for experts in the sport. We are looking for responsible, high character adults who greatly care about the development of these kids. If that sounds like you, we would love to add you to the team. We will also host a coaches clinic and training to help get you started at the beginning of the season.

This meeting date and time for the upcoming 2024 Summer Mini-Season will be April 16th. The location will be at The Old Gym (700 West Avenue H, Midlothian). The head coach is REQUIRED to be present to this meeting. Assistant coaches are encouraged to attend as well. At this meeting, the draft order will be chosen, practice schedules finalized, and important rule and gameplay discussions will take place.


Player Evaluations & Draft Days are TBD.

Each coach will be allowed to freeze up to 5 players to his or her roster prior to the draft process. These freeze requests can be submitted here. 

Prior to the draft you will have the opportunity to evaluate all of the players in your age division who are not already frozen to another roster. The number of freezes each coach has determines what round they will begin the draft. For example, if you have 2 players frozen, the coaches with 1 freeze will get to draft before you in the first two rounds. In this example you would be able to make your first pick starting in the 3rd round. The draft will last until all players in the age division are selected for each team.

The player evaluations will be a great time for you to plan for the draft. At the evaluations you will have the opportunity to see all of the players who will be available in the draft. The players will go through a series of ballhandling, shooting, passing, and agility drills. They will have numbers on their jerseys and you will be provided a list of the players names along with their numbers. This will be the chance you have to strategize your picks for the upcoming draft.

First of all, we are excited to have you back! We are LIMITING each coach to a total of 5 freeze players per team. This goes for new and returning coaches. If you would like to keep your entire team, you can freeze your top 5 and you will have the opportunity to pick up the remaining players via the draft. All player who are not frozen will be chosen through draft style at the coaches meeting and draft night. Any coach with more than 5 players already on their roster at the draft will give up the number of picks equivalent to their excess number of players.

Every coach and volunteer in the Midlothian Basketball League is required to pass a background check and complete a safety course once per year. If you completed a new background check in the winter, you will not have to re-complete these in the Summer Season. However, if you are a returning coach and completed a background check last Summer, you WILL need to re-complete these requirements for this upcoming season.

No. The league does provide game balls for gamedays, but we do not provide practice balls at practice facilities due to logistical challenges. Please ask all parents to purchase a practice ball for their player that is the correct size for his/her division.

Yes. All volunteers who are interacting with the kids for practices and/or games must complete the registration process with background check and online course. This is for the safety of the players.

You can download a digital copy of the coaches manual here:


A physical copy will be printed for each coach at the coaches meeting.